About Us

aljunied-industrial-complexSouth Forward Construction Pte Ltd has been active in the construction market since the late 2010’s. We undertake Civil and Building project of all type and sizes.

The company is a live limited firm with 02 Directors and is accredited with BCA Class 1 General Builders and then expended to a Grade C1 Civil Engineering Contractor.

Throughout the years, we build with pride and honor achieve excellent quality workmanship, maintain a high level of management care, complete all projects within contact schedule, responsible and attend to all site emergency with immediate remedy action that win many of our client’s trust and support.

Down the milestone road, we will even strive harder. Learn and improve as we build to match today’s advance high-tech construction industry and assure all our support’s (Client’s, Architect, Structural Engineer) we will serve you with full commitment, trust and responsibility in building a good environment and the dreamer.

South Forward Construction Pte Ltd our “motto” we stand for Stability, Teamwork and Aspiration.

Thank you.